I am a dreamer. I envision a world where we value art as a part of our necessary human experience –where we understand that being creative is just as important as breathing.  I am a lifelong artist and believe through creativity we unlock the secrets to our being.


That is a strong statement! I know! But I am a 100% believer in the fact that painting and art have unlocked the truth inside of me and I have seen it unlock the truth in other people. On this journey I continue to uncover more and more understanding about myself and about the world around me. I want to bring this to my community and to the world at large. It is my mission to find the universality of creative expression and connect myself to that wavelength to find the strongest link of commonality and connection between all life - human, nature and beyond. 

This idea was not unfamiliar to the ancients.  They drew in caves to uncover mysteries, and what is drawing but a primitive form of writing,  of representing our reality? Just like language strings us together, allowing us to connect, I believe art does the same thing and I would even go as far to say that our truest passions, our individually held passions and creative inclinations are the link between us all. 

Painting is MY passion; MY creative inclination. Paint, the way it acts, how to control it and how to make beautiful things from it is my medium, is my playing field.


I am currently living in NY and involved with lots of things art related. I am curating the space in Montclair where Montclair Vegan is located. I am recording a biweekly podcast that features people who are following their dreams and living a creative life called Dream a Little Dream on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Soundcloud. 

Somehow I  find the time to paint. I post my paintings here when they are done but you can follow along on instagram at jssitylr or jessietaylorpaints. Thank you for visiting. 



Current Projects and Activities

April 2018: Park Street Market, Art Show Curator

February 2018: Art Club (Hudson Valley): This is not the official name but I have organized us together for monthly meetings and we all keep each other in the loop as far as available events for local artists and craftspeople. We believe in strength in numbers and are currently working on a curriculum for various workshops and events to engage with the public and foster learning about the arts and crafts among our respective neighborhoods.

November 2017: Art and Craft Fair Organizer, Valley Rock Inn

October 2017 – present: Podcaster: Dream a Little Dream access through iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud: [https://soundcloud.com/bnnyrbbt-3/dream-a-little-dream][https://play.google.com/music/m/Ilsdcxxswgdv5edesaefux4gsgi?t=Dream_a_Little_Dream]

December 2013 – present: Facebook Art Page Curator: jessietaylorpaints.com [https://www.facebook.com/jessietaylorpaints/] A space to feature artists and various quotes or poetry, for me to promote myself and engage people with Dream a Little Dream Podcast, meet other artists and people who are interested in the arts.

October 2013 – present: Painting Instructor: Sip and Paint events, painting classes at local libraries and the Bergen County Probation Office, private tutoring.

  • Bergen County Probation Office: April 2017 – present, instructing at risk teens through a painting exercise with their parents or guardians. Painting is believed to be a therapeutic exercise to help rekindle a lost bond with a parent. Through this bond there is a belief that recidivism will be less of a factor.
  • Seven Lakes Station: January 2018: Every last Wednesday of the month I walk patrons through a simple painting in a pub setting.

June 2014 – Present: Live Painter, I have been hired to paint live at weddings and various parties in Brooklyn. I also paint live during the street fair I do in Sugarloaf, NY.

Other Experience, Shows, collections


2001: Hard Times Lounge, St. Louis MO: bar sized mural


2001-2004: Drawl Club, St. Louis, MO: various events and shows


2005: Clay Brown, St. Louis, MO: Private Room Mural


2006-2008: Art Co-op, St. Louis, MO:  various shows and events


2008: Coffee House, St. Louis MO: various works on display


2008: Fielder Collection, St. Louis, MO: Bubble Bath Spider 


2009: Whiskey River Saloon, Little Falls, MN: Outdoor mural 


2012: Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Rochester NY


2015: Mitsalexakis Collection, Brooklyn, NY: Bunny Ribs


2015: Zinna Collection, Las Vegas, NV


2015: Baker-Hughes Collection, Chicago, IL: Grasshopper 


2016: Taylor Collection, Chicago, IL: Star burst commission, watermelons, reclining nude  


2011-2016: Chatfield Collection, Little Falls, MN: various works  


2017: Pancakes and Booze NYC


2017: Sue Sanford Collection, Tuxedo Park, NY, Boat Rides 


2017: Ada Jo Hunter Collection: Pisces Passion, Sugarloaf, NY: The Mermaid and the Skeleton

2017: Jaclyn Marie Collection, Sugarloaf, NY: Love Knows No Time

2018: Seven Lakes Station, Sloatsburg, NY