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Drawing Instruction VII: Analyze Prose

| 29 October, 2013 19:43



In order to understand one life

One must, first, swallow the world

seems impossible

it might, actually, be



How would one go about swallowing the world? 

What is step One?


is time linear?

in the human mind


time is 3-dimensional


I hate 'romance' for this very reason

It's so linear

You did X

I did Y

back and forth

fuck it



i live in 3-dimensions



we sew up the time

the times

we sew them together

with other times


Imagine I am making a dress

This dress is smooth

hugging the body

from the breast to the back of the knee

below the back of the knee

it ruffles



before the ruffles were ruffles 

they were simply

straight lines

of flat fabric sewn together

edge to edge


In essence, I am usually alone when sewing

I add a ruffle when you come around

It actually occurs after you leave

I sit and stitch

thinking of all those times

I gather them

they curl and furl

I am drawing our time with one thread

knotting it 

and starting again


until the next time

In the meantime 

you will find me straight stitching

but this very thing is straight stitching me up

me attempting to put it together

----could be futile

though, swallowing the world

could seem the same




what do you see when you read this? 


can you let your imagination draw?


There is no picture for you to look at besides the one in your head. Draw it. If you have been practising all this time, as diligently as required, you have to trust that you have some skills in your tool box. You have drawn all of these things that went before. You participated in all of these exercises and had some good results. There are lines you have drawn that have probably surprised the shit out of you. You should have already sat back admiring yourself as if you were someone else completely; available to your own praise given as a person who has no idea who you are. It is very certain that this paragraph will make no sense to you and IN time you may even come back to re-read it. In fact, this is a paragraph you should probably read to yourself every day after you get out of the shower. 


If you have to close your eyes and run your pencil on the page in the shapes that are in your mind do that. 


If looking at your work while you are drawing creates tension you should absolutely close your eyes. This should be a relaxing exercise. 


If you need some prompts I have provided some imagery from the poem below:




swallow the world




3-dimensional time



-- use the tangible objects to embody the verbs.