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30 Days of Drawing

| 26 April, 2014 23:14

Draw everyday for 30 days....


Do not tell anyone that you are taking up this exercise, though...


Make up your mind that you will emerge from this month with 30 drawings


good or bad


They say we are usually afraid of success


We think success will suck the life from the struggle


the struggle that allowed you to create what you did



BUT they say that to tell people you plan to accomplish something 


is, actually, the dumbest thing you could do


to speak it makes your brain think you already did it


when you didn't really




you just imagined it so wonderfully that the pleasure center of your brain


became so saturated with accomplishment


that you forgot to remember to accomplish it in real life



So, TODAY decide that you will not go to bed


YOU WILL NOT go to bed unless you draw something first


it doesn't matter what it looks like


YOU MUST spend 15 minutes drawing


Every fucking damn day


30 of 'em


it's just the same as I have been preaching since the beginning


You better be making those pictures in your head REAL



Does a devout christian go to bed without saying thanks to god?


Does Hitler go to bed without plotting his next move?


Does Walt Disney go to bed without putting in a mickey?





Don't front


Don't just imagine yourself an artist 


and, then, think that the shitty habits you picked up in its name


are just a result of the fact you 'see pictures in your head'


no body gives a fuck about the pictures in your head


they give a fuck about the pictures you DRAW


so, all's i gotta say, fool, is you better get drawing


DO NOT sleep tonight unless you draw something first


you let the art gods know you didn't waste their love


AND after you draw you can behave with no need for recompensence


because you can show them your ID


I am because I AM