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| 25 June, 2014 21:15



Dear Artist,


what have you made today?


-art gods


Dear art gods,


Good morning.


Today I did stuff. LOTS!


lots of a whole lot of nothing for the art gods.


I did me....if that counts?


and then I did a bunch of shit I didn't feel like doing...but sometimes I don't feel like doing much...


and i think back to Bukowski and he said that art was bloated. it's a bloated whore that deserves to be thrown on the street. 


That whore


bouncing on the sidewalk


she kept telling herself


that EVERYTHING is art


and she walked that line


the fine one between


trash and art


and she tried to put it in her head


that trash was where it started


it's what we rose from


AND in an attempt to be of service...


i studied up on old thought


I offered my multi-tasking to this


my peripheral moments


consumed by philosophy


Oh! art gods! she says


please admit my sorry ass


i am just a whore


looking for a lick




and filled to the brim


discipline is not the answer


Does this really mean....


I can't have my vice and eat it too?


I have certainly pushed this envelope


but it is true...


you can't always have the spin


you can't always pretend invisibility


the void


the MAIN



art whore


Dear art whore,


don't be such a bitch...


remember your potential and stop invisible


obviously, we, the art gods are concerned with that which is visible. you do us no service when you live only in your imagination. You must share.


again, stop being a bitch.




THE art gods