My musings. Possibly, background information about my life and some over sharing.

the ART life

| 17 September, 2014 20:38


If you choose, this life is yours


It's anyone's life


One life has


contained in it ALL


the masterpieces contained in all the museums ever


you have to let it unfold


Just like when you visit those museums


you enter different rooms and parts


you are inundated with new visuals 


and therafter thoughts and feelings


You allowed inundation


don't go home thinking


art belongs on the walls there


because art lives in your blood


feeding your body oxygen


waiting for the opportunity to do it


once more



Your art is you


making things


whatever it may be



if you spend enough time 


on your things


you will see yourself


turning into a museum


and the world will begin to throw itself


at YOU


wishing to be produced


wishing you would touch it into life


irrespective of its outcome


wishing for oxygen


to be announced in paint


or dirt or glue or stuff from the trash.....


announce it!


announce YOUR life is ART!