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| 13 July, 2014 22:17

EXERCISE: Your Stuff


Take ALL of your stuff


dump it on your bed


YOU cannot go to bed unless you have decided something




for ALL that stuff to go


So you can sleep comfortably.....




EVEN if your stuff is imaginary


*****don't forget to put ALL your imaginary stuff on the bed too


HURRY! it is time for bed!




Maybe you get bored of trying to place stuff


so So


go to bed on your stuff


SOme of that stuff will hurt




you may find yourself surprised


how comfy it is to sleep with a toothbrush


by your side


BUT you don't really want to wake up


saying you slept with your toothbrush


by your side




Change your mind about this exercise


and decide that now...


you will lay down


on ALL your stuff


and maybe you kick some of it onto the floor


I mean, it might be uncomfortable 


to sleep atop your sewing machine


or samuri swords




But, at least you will understand


what things you actually kick to the floor


with no remorse


uncaring of the consequence


and then, understand the things


you get up out of your bed 


so you can find a safe place


for those things


those you wouldn't want to see damaged


by your sleepy disregard