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30 Days of Drawing...3

| 06 May, 2014 23:43

Remember that it is difficult to see 


Until you can 


And you can't see until you try


Sometimes you miss the mark


and draw somewhere you weren't supposed to


And sometimes you take the 'weren't supposed to'


and make it right


MORE right than had you not done the 'weren't supposed to'


Please take these words


the words that are meant to be be put before you


LIVE...en vivo


so that you can see them come out of my smiling mouth


Whilst you make marks that make you feel stupid


those damn 'weren't supposed to'[e} s


and I was there to remind you 


the thing you fret over is actually nothing


to worry about


You won't be able to see right 


until you decide


and maybe you will never SEE all of it


but your attempt to put it down on paper


on earth....outside of you


is worthy of celebration


Take a few minutes to scribble something out 


something you see or feel 


deserves attention


It's your right