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Lesson or Not Lesson: Drawing Instructor Outrage

| 03 December, 2013 22:33


They say, 'those who teach 


teach because 


they can't do.'


Shitty fucking saying!


But whatever.....


I will admit I started these instructions


and I wasn't practising what I preach


I was drawing, sometimes


and leaning on the fact that I knew I had it


I spent time thinking-- 'drinking' about it


Drinking because I am so deep I need to think about my art 


whilst spinning motionless


spin myself into a land where I might be able to feel like a stranger to myself



As an artist you can never see your own work as a stranger


and to me that fucking sucks ass!


but as a narcissist craving estrangement from myself


it is my attempt at being a stranger to my art


because I believe I can-- perfectly


be a stranger if I am fucked out of my mind


on cheap beer


So those who teach




so they can see their art as a stranger


AND I will be goddamned


if you aren't drawing like you should


AND maybe now it is time for you to buy a white canvas


AND paint one of the drawings you did recently


AND do it only in two colors


so you can finally understand that blankness


paint that stupid ass drawing out of your sketch pad 


and think about it hanging in a museum


Don't be stupid about it 


you are not allowed to be Duchamp or Koons


you don't have that kind of money or clout


and if you do you probably haven't read this far


You HAVE to think about 100 years from now




Will that stupid ass drawing you just put on that canvas stand up?


500 years from now?


will it stand against Duchamp? Koons?


Prolly.... NOT!


If you are a peasant, like me, like a true artist--


You draw your brains out


Until it fucking hurts and you have to settle yourself down


I don't give a fuck what you draw




You BETTER be fucking drawing!


You BETTER grab yourself a fucking canvas



AND two colors of paint and paint that dumb ass drawing you love



you should wake up to that painting


it staring at you 


looking like that piece of shit that was 'supposed' to be wonderful


that ....really isn't


and you wake up and spend some time making it right...