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Before you read the last post....

| 03 January, 2014 22:27


Before you decide that I am a tyrannt 


Please see this post


oh darn! I think I left the time too long


you prolly already read it





i want you to think about something



before you finish the painting


i want you to think about


why you painted it


it could have turned out amazing


you don't even want to touch it


It is so AMAZING!


if you put paint to that canvas again




mess it up--erk!?



DO IT!!!



touch it once more


take your time deciding


how that next stroke 









pick a color


take a look


a looong look 


and think about


the third color


where it goes


add how it can add to


the rest



there's prolly no painting...




who knows!?


I could have pushed you there


ALL that outrage!



[make sure you are drawing]