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Sexuality (large view)
Penis Envy
Freudian psychosexual theory contains a principle that women have penis envy. When a girl realizes that she does not have a penis she thinks that her mother castrated her. She desires the power the penis can give her. It is purported that for the remainder of their lives, women are angry with their mothers and search for a penis to replace the one that was removed.

This painting is meant to portray that moment of realization. The deflated banana peel representing the disappointment experienced when the girl realizes her penis has been removed.

In the same moment there is celebration of the vagina. The flowers lascivious and extraordinary. The fire hydrant able to provide the wetness to extinguish fire. It is closed but if it were opened would explode with gusto.

This painting offers a moment to reflect on sexuality. Inside can be found many nuances to be pondered. The tile floor a tribute to surrealism. The perspective skewed to lend props to cubism. And an upgrade on Freudian psychosexual thought.

The painting is a culmination of 5 years of experimentation and build up of technique. With a B.A. in Psychology I am proud this expression conveys this theory and also flipping it on its side to say, ‘even though I am mad I don’t have a penis, I can celebrate the beauty that is discovered through the development of the psychosexual phallic stage and beyond; throughout adulthood.’

The entire painting free hand as I am not particularly attracted to the use of projectors. Although I do paint from pictures and copy images on paper. The banana peel took a year to decide on. Once I photographed the perfect banana I superimposed the grid technique. I needed perfection as it was the last to be placed on the scene.
47" H x 36" W


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